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We provide evening and weekend workshops and seminars in a variety of topics throughout the year to provide you with knowledge in all aspects of the body, training, injury prevention and much more!


See below for our upcoming workshops.




Marathon Preparation Day


Been accepted to a marathon and want some help?


Join us for a day long workshop and take part in a strength session, learn about injury prevention, training planning strategies, take part in a yoga for runners session, learn about nutrition strategies for training and your event, hear from a marathon runner who will talk about their first event, learn about kit and trainer choice, learn about the psychology behind long distance running and have the opportunity to ask those burning questions.


Receive lunch and a home info pack including strength sessions for runners, runner specific home yoga sessions, nutritional info and more.







Concussion for Sport Seminar


This talk provides information and research on concussion in sport, specifically in rugby and football. This is ideal for coaches or managers who wish to increase their knowledge of this hot topic. The talk will provide information on methods for assessing concussion, the affects of concussion, what to do if you suspect concussion and when it is safe for the player to return to sport.



Future Dates TBC





Lower Back Pain Workshop


A workshop with theoretical knowledge looking at the current research surrounding lower back pain, busting common myths, looking at possible causes and how to manage lower back pain. Practical elements look at movements to combat your lower back pain with a series of exercises that can be done at home in the hope of that you can move better and without pain.