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Injury Assessment


Movement and Gait Analysis

Poynter Sports Therapy was established in April 2011 and has grown massively since. We have 3 therapists, Charlie, our head therapist, Robbi, our graduate sports therapist and Clemmie, our sports massage therapist.  


Our private treatment  and rehab suite in our Letchworth premises is a perfect space to provide all our services. We are lucky to be surrounded by other healthcare professionals and refer out to these when needed. We have Pilates classes and teachers on site, chiropractors, Somatics educators, yoga teachers and classes and counsellors.



Poynter Sports Therapy has good connections with Letchworth Eagles Football Club and Stevenage Football club. Charlie worked at Letchworth Fottball club for 5 years as their First Team therapist.  She provided pitchside therapy for Saturday match days, providing pre and post game massage and first aid and injury assessment and treatment throughout the game when necessary. Robbi is currently working with Stevenage Town FC's academy providing injury assessment, treatment and rehabiitation and is the lead therapist for the ladies first team.


We pride ourselves with staying up to date with the research to ensure we provide the best treatment and rehabilitation to our clients.





















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