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Health and Wellbeing

Fat loss or muscle building, toning or health

Want to hit your goals?


Using evidence based nutritional knowledge Charlie will help you reach your goals, whether it be improving your health, fat loss, muscle building. Using either face to face or online coachingwe can create a package that works for you.


Charlie offers an affordable group fat loss coaching program through Facebook - more info can be found by clicking here.


The minimum amount of time Charlie does 1-2-1 coaching for is 3 months, this ensures that you get the best results and opportunity to change your habits, so that you can continue your journey on your own if you so wish.


Charlie is currently furthering her nutrition knowledge by doing the Mac Nutrition University year long programme. Delivered by Martin Macdonald, ex Olympic Performance Nutritionist and Higher Education Lecturer.


For some results from clients working with Charlie, please see below.

For more info about available packages and starting your journey please drop Charlie an email at poyntersportstherapy@gmail.com





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3 month progress from client with limited contact with coach, client was given the educational tools needed in month 1 to understand her body's needs and from there had limited contact for the next 2 months.