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Injury Assessment



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What is Sports Therapy?

Sports Therapy falls into the category of Allied Health Care. A Sports Therapist should be able to offer injury assessment, treatment and advice and set about a rehabilitation programme to ensure you go back on to your field of play, in better shape than you left it.


At Poynter Sports Therapy, we can go further than this. With knowledge of physiology of the body, biomechanics and forces placed on the body. Our assessment and plans are tailored to you, your injury and your sport or needs.

At Poynter Sports Therapy we use a variety of electrotherapy modalities to treat problems, have a variety of additional assessment tools such as functional movement assessments and gait analysis to identify exactly what the problem is, it's not always where the pain is felt.


Poynter Sports Therapy not only take on clients who are injured or are in pain but those that want to improve their performance whether this be a local Sunday  League footballer or a National Level elite marathon runner. The combination of the additional assessments, nutrition knowledge, Personal training level 3 certification, knowledge of the core and how to train it and the physiological needs and results of exercise result in a therapist who has a whole view on the body and exercise demands.


As a Sports Therapist, we can offer more than just a sports massage!